The course will consist of reading and analyzing 3 articles, doing a written and oral presentation for both and then debating the issue in class. There will also be a small research project to be turned in at the end of the course. There will be focus lessons given on three main skills: how to read articles quickly and efficiently, how to do successful research, and how to write a successful research paper. It will prepare students to approach their classes in the American style and focus their attention not on quantity of work, but on quality.



Issues to work in class:

  • Practice reading in class; Reading for homework and practice analysis in class; How to read articles quickly and efficiently.
  • How to do successful research. How to look up research online (using jstor and googlescholar) and looking up printed literature (knowing which books are useful and which are too out of date); Pick a topic and do some research- learning how to write a literature review
  • Developing research- writing a short research paper; how do you organize a paper and present your thoughts clearly and accurately; How to correctly write out sources and avoid plagiarism
  • Essay corrections; Oral Presentations
  • Discussion of plans for the first semester; short discussion on Culture Shock

Lesson Plan for Main Articles:

  1. Introduce vocabulary for the reading. Have each student look at the list and mark words they already know. If they know them, write out a definition. Once all have finished, go down the list and if someone knows the word, have them explain it to the class (correct if necessary). For those words left on the list that people do not know, give to them.
  2. Read the first page or two of the article together. Gather opinions on what they think the article is going to be about based on the introduction. How do you know this to be true? What skills can you use to mentally summarize an article just from the introduction? Why is this useful?
  3. Read article for homework (take notes!) and write a 1 page summary. Include any questions or confusions about the article.
  4. Discuss article in class, with 2 volunteers reading their summaries. Start with summaries, and then move on to questions.

Articles Proposed for Class: From Harvard Business Review

Basic materials needed: Connectors for paragraphs; good writing style worksheet; good debate style worksheet; readings


  • Two classes p/week (6 weeks/ 12 classes)
  • Teacher: Lic. Margarita Ibeibarriaga de Muñoz



PRE-MBA Budget


*Also includes materials and tests.

*includes income tax.

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